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H2O Accounting is now MATCH Accounting – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1) Who is MATCH Accounting?

MATCH Accounting is an established, independent local practice, with an excellent reputation for offering a responsive, collaborative and personal service. For more information about our business and its range of services, please visit our website: www.matchaccounting.co.uk.

2) Why has H2O merged with MATCH Accounting?

MATCH Accounting’s owner, Chris Hayers, previously worked at H2O and wanted to complement his business with Hannah Oliver’s competent and experienced H2O team. This is an opportunity for clients from both companies to experience real benefits from the additional knowledge, support and breadth of services that this merger brings.

3) Who is on the new leadership team?

MATCH Accounting is led by its directors’ Chris and Aimee and is well supported by the MATCH Accounting team.

4) Where will the new company be based? 

The headquarters of MATCH is located at Portsmouth Technopole and, after a transition period, this is where the entire business will be based.  We will be contacting any clients who are used to visiting the H2O office to look at ways to successfully continue the information flow.

5) Will H2O employees move to the MATCH Accounting?

All employees of H2O will be transferred over to MATCH Accounting.

6) Who is my contact at MATCH Accounting now?

For now, your contact remains the person you would normally deal with.  Whilst Hannah Oliver is on maternity leave please feel free to contact Chris –  chris@matchaccounting.co.uk

7) Will H2O clients’ details/accounts etc be automatically moved to the new business?

For the short term, H2O will continue to operate as normal prior to aligning all the services and systems.  Once this is completed, all details will be transferred across to ensure a smooth and pain free transition.

8) Do clients need to sign anything/agree to anything?

For various insurance and anti money laundering regulations, clients will gradually be moved to MATCH Accounting, which will mean that new letters of engagement and identification checks will be required.  We will be contacting clients individually to advise them on how they will be brought across to MATCH Acccounting.

9) Will email addresses/contact details remain the same for H2O employees?

All email addresses will remain the same for now and we will retain access to these after the change of email addresses to ensure that no communications get missed or lost.

10) Will the pricing for accounting services change?

As part of the transition across (see question 8), we will be looking at the services provided to you to ensure that they match the services you require. Unless the circumstances have changed, the fees will remain consistent with previous fees.

11) What other benefits can MATCH Accounting offer?

We are always looking at ways to make the finance function of a business more efficient and working at its best.  This could mean introducing new software and processes to take some of the stress away for our clients.

12) What data protection regulations are in place?

MATCH Accounting complies with the same regulations as H2O when it comes to data security.

13) What is the timeline (if any) for changes to come into effect?

At present, we are looking at a transition period starting in August and hope to have this completed by the end of the year.

14) How do clients change accountants?

We will obviously be sad to see any client leave without having first addressed any queries they may have.  If you are unsure about the merger or the MATCH Accounting approach, please do not hesitate to email chris@matchaccounting.co.uk or telephone the office on 02393 510435 and we will be happy to discuss any concerns that you may have.

15) Do clients have to change the registered office address for the company?

As part of the process of transferring clients, we will automatically change the address for any companies registered at the H2O office to the Portsmouth Technopole.  If you would like to change the address to something else, please let us know and we can help with you with this.

16) What do new clients need to do now?

There is nothing we immediately need from current H2O clients unless they have any questions they want to ask.  We have inherited the current H2O work plan and will be working through this with clients, as usual.