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Help to Grow: Digital – Grants Available

Help to Grow: Digital is a new UK-wide scheme to help small and medium size businesses (SMEs) adopt digital technologies proven to increase productivity.

The scheme will offer free and impartial advice on how technology can help your business. An online platform will help to:

  • identify your digital technology needs
  • assess purchasing options
  • implement new technologies in your operations

The scheme will offer up to £5,000 to cover up to half of the costs of pre-approved, digital technology solutions for 12 months.

It will launch in Autumn and run for 3 years, taking a phased approach over a number of waves. Each wave will provide the opportunity to roll out new technologies and functionalities for SMEs and vendors.


SME eligibility

SMEs eligible for the grant token will:

  • be registered in the UK at Companies House
  • employ between 5 and 249 employees
  • have been trading for more than 12 months

Eligible SMEs will be able to claim a grant token for one technology product only for wave 1.


Product eligibility

The 3 technology types eligible for wave 1 are:

  • accounting
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • e-commerce


What the grant token covers

The grant token will cover 12 months of eligible product core costs (as set out above) exclusive of VAT.

The grant token will be redeemable with eligible vendors, for approved products. Vendors will calculate and provide the discount when an SME makes an eligible purchase, then vendors can seek reimbursement for the value of the grant token.

SMEs should have access to any free trials offered to customers through their public site. Any free trial period will not count towards the 12-month grant token discount period.

For further information about the scheme click here.
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