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Breakeven Point – Why It Can Make Or Break Your Business

If you could find out how much you needed to sell just to make a profit, you would want to know right? For such an important number, it is not commonly known in some businesses so how easy is it to calculate? The type of business you are in will determine how easy it is…

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Payments on Account – Explained

Sometimes overlooked when calculating a persons tax due, payments on account are effectively the taxpayer paying tax in advance. Generally speaking, when a persons self assessment tax liability is above £1,000 for a tax year, HM Revenue and Customs will ask that person to make Payments on Account for the following tax year. The amount…

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Cloud Accounting Software – what the issues could be & why you do not have to be afraid

SECURITY Some people think the cloud is just somewhere their information is sent to ready to be hacked.  Be under no illusions, being hacked is a possibility whether your data is held in the cloud or on a computer.  As long as you have internet and are plugged into a wall you could be a…

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Happy New Tax Year – Celebrate with a gift from the Government

The new tax year should be celebrated and out of all the recent announcements made, when it comes to tax and small businesses, this is the gift the Government are shouting about the most – The Employers National Insurance Allowance. This allows businesses with employees to be able to receive an allowance of £2,000 from…

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Things to consider when starting your business

The excitement of a great idea or service which will be your business, sometimes means that certain essential things are overlooked when it comes to your accounting and tax requirements. Below are a couple of things to think about at the start: What structure is your business going to look like?  You can be a…

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5 simple steps to positive Cashflow

It is often said ‘Turnover is vanity, Profit is sanity but Cashflow is reality’.  At MATCH Accounting we could not agree more so here are 5 simple steps to help with your business cashflow: Ask customers for deposits before commencing work – Talking money can still be a sensitive issue at the start but if…

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The Top 20 Expenses You CAN Claim for

Below is a list of 20 expenses which your business could potentially claim against tax: 1) Annual parties – up to £150 per employee but conditions must be met. 2) Long service and suggestion scheme awards for employees. 3) Company mobile phones for employees. 4) The provision of car or motorcycle parking space at or…

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